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Whether you are looking at developing organisational approaches to digital capability or simply enhancing your services by embedding new tools in the delivery; BdigiFAB can help you make an outstanding difference.

Passionate about learning & teaching, social media and tech visionary to change the way we work, communicate, engage & collaborate. BdigiFAB will provide solutions to streamline processes and take down barriers to drive performance & excellence through technology.

Staff and Students Partnership initiatives can help organisations make better-informed and more creative use of digital technologies as 21st century digital citizens and build their employability skills.

BdigiFAB will guide you in setting up and reviewing impact of such initiatives aimed at raising the level of digital capabilities we need to live, work and learn successfully and responsibly in a digital world.

The latest IT developments present a huge opportunity for Learning Resource Centres (LRC) to deliver more efficient and effective services in supporting and encouraging learning & teaching.


While libraries were a place to store, access and read books, their landscape and role have drastically changed in the last 20 years, thanks to the information revolution; users no longer need to just consult information but need opportunities to interact with it. This presents challenges to LRCs to offer a broader range of channels to access information and provide a number of learning spaces to fulfil their users’ needs.


BdigiFAB can take this forward and transform LRCs into the "next generation resource centre" a major place for gathering, accessing, encouraging and developing knowledge.

Embedding new practices and driving change can be challenging if not communicated constructively. BdigiFAB knows how to take down barriers, share vision and engage an audience.

Through the collection, analysis and reporting of data about learners, staff and their contexts, tailor made consultations will provide forward planning for optimising learning and the environment in which it takes place.


BdigiFAB can help you drive improvement informed through effective stakeholders' consultation to streamline processes, become a more agile organisation and better forecast students' learning needs while boosting their achievement. 

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